Here the popular questions but if you want to know more join us on Discord.

Which wallet can I use?

Only send your ADA via Yoroi/Daedalus/Nami wallets. Do not send money from any CEX like Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin etc. Your ADA would be lost.

How to view NFTs in your wallet?

Go on pool.pm and type in your receiving wallet address in the search field.

Will my NFT last forever?

Metadata is written into the blockchain, the image file is hosted using IPFS protocol, therefore as long as this protocol exists and internet exists your image will be there for you.

Which is the policy ID of the project?




All your waifu are unique?

We release season waifus for Halloween and Christmas and also collaboration, you will be able to recognize them by the different background color, check the metadata to see how many copies waifus have. In our gallery you can see our unique ones.

How many are minted?

Our mints are limited, creating 1/1 requires time and effort. But it’s worth.

Do you have a roadmap?

instead of a roadmap we keep asking feedbacks to our community, now our main focus is bringing famous artists in the Cardano Space.